Our Company’s Story

Established in 1949, Mohanlal Tea today is a force to reckon with, owing to  its prudent expansion, modern management practices, constant up-gradation of packaging material, refined & cutting-edge tea processing facilities and a meticulous pursuit for quality.

Vadodara has given our company its establishment and progress. Our research and customer survey teams always take into account the needs and wishes of customers in Vadodara and its neighbouring areas.

Our Board of Directors

Jatin H Shah, Director
Devendra Shah, Director
Vinod Shah, Director

Fenil M Shah, Director
Dinesh Shah, Director
Mukesh Shah, Director

A Brand You Can Trust

Mohanlal Tea continues to sell loose tea, through their company stores even today. However, in keeping with the market demand we now also provide packaged tea. At present, we sell packaged tea in packets of 500gm, 250gm, 100gm, 50gm, and 25gm. Along with that we have also released different brands of tea keeping in mind the diverese tastes of our customers. With our continued expansion, Mohanlal now has seven counters across the city.

This Is What Makes Mohanlal Tea Different…

At Mohanlal, tea is selected keeping in minds its freshness, aroma, colour and taste. The most important point is that the samples are tasted by our in-house experts.This meticulousness ensures that the quality of tea leaves is carefully monitored and the customers get full value for their money with every cup of tea.Apart from its diverse range of garden teas, Mohanlal Tea offers its clientele, packaged teas in attractive packets.

Taste our tea and you will realize why Mohanlal means ‘Ecstasy’!


Our goal is to achieve universal eminence and ensure consistent growth in the years to come through quality leadership.


To provide our customers good quality tea at a reasonable rate.

Core Values
  • Determination
  • Passion
  • Industrious
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
A Cup of High Quality Tea

At Mohanlal, there is no compromise on quality. We use the best materials and techniques to ensure that our product delivers the very essence of the unmatched excellence.